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  • Elections 2006 Lessons Learned (Nov. 2006)
    "It would appear that republicans across the country were sent an ‘undeniable message’ this election cycle. Unfortunately, for many of us in the GOP, Bob Woodward was right..." (Read More)

  • Commencement Speech (May 2006)
    "UW Fond du Lac is a place of my beginnings … In 1978 I stood where you stand … I proudly picked up my diploma … and I knew that I had a long journey ahead..." (Read More)

  • The Challenge In Leadership Today (Jan. 2007)
    "The greatest challenge in leadership today is a ‘Crisis of Conscience’ one of American Integrity and Hope for the Future. We have lost our way as a people and as a nation..." (Read more)

  • The Politics Of Taxes (August 2006)
    "Wisconsin residents don’t need a reminder that “we are among the highest taxed” people in the nation – we experience it every time we cash our paychecks or fill up our gas tanks. What we need to discuss is - what drives our "spending” in Madison that leads to these high taxes?..." (Read More)

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