Ajay Bidyarthy

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Ajay Bidyarthy

Analytics Expert

Living in the crossroads of technology and education, he enjoys working with founders, data scientists, statisticians, designers and developers who build their dreams with passion, stamina, and fury. Currently building technology and data-driven products. He had completed his B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing from IIT Guwahati.

He is instrumental in driving analytics & research for businesses and shaping decision support framework. He has been instrumental in implementing decision support frameworks for 100+ leading firms worldwide. He has gained expertise over the course of a few years in optimization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive modeling, statistical modeling, big data analytics, and approximation algorithms.

He has been key in growing analytics and technologies in risk management, insurance, healthcare, case management, cybersecurity, capital markets, insider threats, intelligence and custom solutions for delivering the highest value and quality.

He has been active in research and innovation having published few research papers in the reputed journals including ACM, IEEE, Combinatorial Optimization, and Global TACTiCS in the field of game theory, operations research, network security, and optimization.

His native place is Jamui, Bihar and his most of the schooling and early development happened in Jamui and Kolkata. He is interested in politics, traveling, adventures, watching TV series, movies and loves to try as well as cook new dishes in spare time.

Specialties: Machine Learning, Mathematical Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Approximation Algorithms, Statistical Data Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Big Data, Analytics, and Computational Finance.

Primary Interest: Statistics, Innovation, Research, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IOT, Big Data, Data Science, Invention, Technology, Development, Consulting, Strategy, Decision Science, Leadership, Mathematics and Computing, Business Intelligence.