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"As a former business owner and non profit board president, I know leadership and policy skills when I see it. Terri McCormick’s work in business and in public policy is of the highest caliber..."

- Former Representative
Judy Krawczyk

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"Terri McCormick consulted with our organization...She surpassed all of my expectations...

...Terri created a stunning visual representation that evokes our mission and values..."

- Laura C. Smythe, MA, MA, JD Headmaster The Academy Fox Cities Director of Global Service

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"What Sex is a Republican?" Stories From The Front Line In Politics (And How You Can Change The Way Things Are)

What Sex Is a Republican?By Terri McCormick A.A., B.A., M.A


What Sex is a Republican takes a look at the political game from behind the curtain with one intention: to call on each of us to serve in our local, state and federal government.

The principles of Republican government have been lost on the money changers in our state and national capitols.

There is only one way to change that; we the people must take responsibility for what our government has become, while we weren’t looking.

Benjamin Franklin said it best as he was leaving Liberty Hall upon signing the Constitution when asked, “what kind of government did the delegates create?” “A Republic, if you can keep it!”

What Sex is a Republican?
What Sex is a Republican?
What Sex is a Republican?
Terri McCormick
The Capitol Press

About the Author

Terri McCormick has made a career of defying the odds and fighting the status quo in the political arena. As a private citizen, she battled powerful special interests to write Wisconsin's first charter school law.

In 2000, she was elected to the State Assembly through a grassroots, door-to-door campaign that was given little chance to win by local newspapers. In the Wisconsin state legislature, Terri worked with both sides of the political aisle to pass ground breaking laws for manufacturing, regulation reform, healthcare cost reform and capital investment. In 2006 Terri ran for the United States House of Representatives.

Her focus remains on the solutions and on the ideas important to the people of the state of Wisconsin. Terri McCormick is the President of McCormick Dawson Consulting and Publishing Group, Ltd.

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